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The Professional Stuff...

I'm gonna be straight up with ya'll - I love what I do for a living.  I'm passionate about organizational development, and am a fierce advocate of employee-driven advancement and achievement. 

Translation - I believe in the hustle.  

I don't want to re-write my entire LinkedIn Profile here because, you know - writer's cramp, but here's a link to it if you'd like to check it out.  As you'll see, I work for a pretty great firm. The people are fantastic and the projects I've taken on have allowed me build a pretty diverse and interesting set of skills over the years.  That's good news for me, because I get bored VERY quickly when I can't pick up a few new things here and there. 

A Dream Come True 

Being a contributing writer for The Muse was such a great privilege, and is still one of the accomplishments I'm most proud of. If you're not already following them - you're definitely missing out!

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7 Reasons You Aren't Getting Promoted - Forbes.com

Nowhere To Go: Advancing Your Career at a Small Company



A topic I'll discuss on MakeItReal that you won't find on my LinkedIn Page


I have Dystonia, a movement disorder in the same family as Parkinson's disease and tremor. It is a chronic condition for which there is no cure, though there are treatments that help mitigate the effects of the disease.  Dystonia can be, at times, debilitating, and its effects sometimes vary by the day.  Living with this condition is very much a part of who I am, and it comes up from time to time.  

Stuff I can't put on my resume, but that should totally earn Unicorn Points

There are a few other notable things about me that I think stand out more than degrees or published articles, but folks keep telling me not to put them on my resume.

Our priorities are just all jacked up in this world, if you ask me.


a t-shirt collection that is the very definition of the word awesome. 

I have a t-shirt for every occasion, even occasions that haven't been invented yet. 

Exhibit A - One of my many t-shirts

Exhibit A - One of my many t-shirts


i made this. 

seriously, isn't he the cutest?  I'm a single mom, so you'll read about that here and there if you follow my blog.  this boy is absolute comedy.  He inherited all of my sass.  And I do mean ALL OF IT.  Karma.  Sorry, Mom.  I'm sorry for for being a smart-ass.  I get it now, I do. 



these three.  

Also known as Heidi, NayNay, and Stormin' Norman.  They feature heavily on my Instagram page.  Do you follow me on Instagram?  You should.  Its usually pretty hilarious.